Jennilyn Talbot

Nov 07, 1971 - Jan 09, 2021


Jeni Lyn (Jennilyn) Talbot, age 49, departed this world on January 9th, 2021, in Phoenix, AZ. She was born November 7th, 1971 to Carolyn Jane Barker Talbot and Frank Joseph Talbot, in Bountiful, Utah. She was raised in Newton, Utah, and graduated from Sky View High School, Class of 1990, where ...


Jan 23


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Newton Cemetery

1005 N. 100 W
Newton, UT 84327

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Jan 23


Saturday, January 23, 2021
11:30 am

Newton LDS Church

12 South 100 W.
Newton, UT 84327

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Jennilyn Talbot

November 07, 1971 - January 09, 2021

Tammi Patton McLaughlin January 23, 2021

I watched the services via the provided link. Thank you to all of you for speaking and sharing memories. My mom is Diane Barker Patton, which makes Jenni and I cousins. Jenni and I were 2 years apart in age and spent many summer vacations together as young girls, as my mom wanted to go visit my Aunt Callie and family as often as she could. I have memories of many of you that spoke at the funeral. And Jenni is in all of those memories connected to each of you. Jenni and I would take the Howell kids to the park, when Laurie would come to see Aunt Danny (my mom) when she was in Newton, visiting. I remember Amy Anne and Kasi as really small little girls, opening and closing the door to Aunt Callie’s bedroom, as Jenni and I sat visiting with Aunt Callie. I remember seeing Brody as a really young little boy. I’m not sure I ever met little Steve, but what a treat to get to see you as an adult via YouTube of all things. I remember seeing young Alec doing some karate moves with Jenni watching, at a birthday celebration for our Grandma ABC, as we called her - Aileen Barker Culmsee.
It’s not easy to attend, even virtually, another Talbot funeral. My life has been punctuated by Talbot funerals, as have been yours as well. Even more so, as you are all the children of those that have passed at such young ages. I appreciate the honest sharing that you all took part in, today. What I come away with is the reassurance that family matters. We are connected. I see my features in your features. I see traits of your parents, my cousins, in each of you. I LOVED my grandparents. Aileen Barker Culmsee was amazing. I think maybe Jenni carried much of her fun loving ways in her personality. These things connect us. Please know that even though your earth-side family seems to be shrinking, that you each matter. You are still connected to a larger family. Thank you for sharing today and reminding me of our family connections.

Kristine Ash January 23, 2021


Franklin County Funeral Service January 21, 2021

Diane Patton January 19, 2021

Jennilyn was my sister, Carolyn's daughter. I treasure the memories of gathering together with my sister's 6 children and my four at our parents, Bill and Aileen Barker's home in Newton for holidays. When Jenni was just a baby, her mother flew to Missouri where I was living in Columbia. Carolyn was attending a Pace Music conference in St. Lewis. We stayed in a motel together so I could take care of Jenni while she was in meetings. Along with my two-year old daughter, we enjoyed Jenni's bright smiles and cooing. I cared for her then and have always cared about her.
She visited us in Oregon as an adult. Our home is surrounded by hundreds of years-old Oak Trees. She was fascinated by them and called them her Dr. Sues Trees. I long to join with the family for her funeral, but due to age and Covid, I am not able to. So my love is with you all at this time and always. Diane Barker Patton

Amy Talbot January 18, 2021


Kirsty Nash January 15, 2021


Lisa January 15, 2021

I knee Jeni from church. I hadn't known her long, but I loved her dearly. My children adored her. To the family, deepest sympathies for your loss.

AmyAnne Talbot January 15, 2021

Todd January 15, 2021

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